First Flight

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One of the joys of flying is taking folks up for their first flight and seeing the joy that it brings.  That joy is one reason I have concluded that “since the moment of Creation, God has intended that man would learn to fly.”  In other words, I do not believe it would give man such pleasure to fly unless God had designed in him the hard-wired ability to take pleasure in it.  So I derive my reason number the first from the reaction we have to flying.   I derive my reason number the second from one source of our desire — birds.  Seeing birds fly down through the years has given man the desire to fly and helped him to figure out how.  God knew that birds would do this and I honestly believe it was one of his designs for that creature.  I can’t really prove this, but it makes total sense to me.

Last week, I was able to go up with RK for his first ride in a small plane.  Yesterday, I got to take my friend EK for his first flight in any plane, small or large.  E is mostly bound to a wheelchair, so I think this was huge for him.  Normally, he is a talkative fellow, but I think he enjoyed the flight so much he was speechless!  Anyway, is it even possible that one could experience this without coming to believe what I wrote in paragraph one?

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