G Pitches Well


On Tuesday, G got the chance to pitch again.  J was pitching before him and had walked in a couple of runs so G was working in relief from 3 runs down.  J was heartbroken and I wanted to encourage him, but that had to wait till after the game.  It seems like all of these 9 and 10 year old boys take one or two batters to get zeroed in and so G did the same.  He walked the first batter, allowing one run, and then got two straight fly balls to first and a strike out.  He worked the sixth inning similarly, walking the first man, striking out the next two, and taking the fourth on a 1-3 ground out.  I jumped up from the bleachers, yelled, and puffed out my chest.  G got the coach’s MVP award for the game.

Now, the final score was 6-6, so it was a tie.  How do you score the game for the pitcher when his team comes from behind to tie the game while he is pitching and then the game ends on time? I guess he gets a tie on his record.

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