Rush was talking about the series finale of LOST after it aired.  He didn’t say much, but what he said intrigued me.  I had never watched that show.  So I started from the beginning and I have to say that I almost wish I had watched along with the rest of America.  This is a really interesting program, well written, and with interesting characters.  I had heard that there are hidden clues to the real meaning of the show and what not, so I am on the lookout for those, but it seems to me that the real meaning of the show (at least so far) is straightforward.  These people all have serious baggage in their lives and they are being given a chance to make some right choices.  The show has some interesting and touching moments, but the reason they are touching is that the characters are written like real people with real emotions, real problems, and a real longing for goodness, righteousness, and peace in their lives.

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  1. Interesting, but I still can’t do it. I haven’t got the wherewithal to trek through the series from the beginning. Maybe someday.

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